Socratic Design @ #MWC17

Mobile World Congres touches the future of mobile and AI, with Socratic Design we see the urgent need to boost our human strength so that technology will be dominated by humans and not the other way around. With Socratic design, we make a mental space where we are... read more

How Socratic Design Transforms the Company

In business, the key to transformative power is the collective intelligence of the employees. In this video, you get a glimpse into the practice of Socratic Design at work in the company. How can this philosophical approach help to get rid of addictive thoughts and... read more

Socratic Design Masterclass in Rotterdam (Dutch)

A Socratic Design Master class op uitnodiging van Lokaal Rotterdam in het Nieuwe Instituut: waarom is Socratic Design – ontworpen door Humberto Schwab – een waardevol en effectief instrument om nieuwe toekomsten voor de stad groundswell te ontwerpen.... read more

Socratic Design in Athens

Being in Greece we reflected on Socratic Design close to its roots. Follow Socratic Design on Youtube:… In Socratic Design we can leave behind addictive thoughts and ego thinking. Smart people together will... read more

The Socratic Dialogue introductory video

The Socratic Dialogue introductory video A new introductory video for Schwab Filosofia’s Socratic Dialogue training. It contains an explanation from Humberto Schwab about the Socratic Dialogue and reviews of people that participated in the training. For more info... read more

Socratic Design Workshop in London

A Socratic Design Workshop @ The institution of engineering and technology A review video of a Socratic Design Workshop @ The institution of engineering and technology, London. Organised by: Shift2020 (Rudy de Waele) Schwab Filosofia (Humberto Schwab) Public Spheres... read more

Le Défi Américain

Le Défi Américain America fears to lose its old narrative The victory of Trump has been given by angry middle class people, some still waiting for revanche on the victory of Obama, fear for foreigners and some nasty white supremacy reflexes. “Make America great... read more

Onderwijs in dienst van de leerling

Onderwijs in dienst van de leerling Project of best practices of excellent schools in the Netherlands gives you high speed information about the situation in education.   Humberto Schwab in gesprek met leerlingen tijdens een jurybezoek Als je als jury lid... read more

El Punt Avui TV welcomes Dutch philosopher

SMALL TALK El Punt Avui TV welcomes Dutch philosopher HumbertoSchwab In this tv talk show Humberto explains some key aspects of socratic design, the relation to private life, education and business. Click this link or the image to watch the... read more

How to create meaningful work and business

How to create meaningful work and business This article was originally posted on: by Rudy de Weale. The great paradox of our era is that productivity is at record levels, innovation has never been faster, and yet at the same time, we have a falling median... read more

City Circles & Schwab Filosofia

Schwab Filosofia en Ketter & Co have become Partners in the City Circles Project of Irene Fortuyn. CITY CIRCLES is a multidisciplinary design-driven research tool providing a cross-section of urban spaces – a circle with a diameter of one kilometre. The project... read more

Socratic Design lab – 3 May 2016

The documentation video of our last Socratic Design lab The Socratic Design lab is a multidisciplinary lab, organised in a collaboration between Schwab Filosofia and the Gerrit Rietveld academy. In a world that is changing exponentially we have think of a design that... read more
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