Socratic Design©

What coding is for digital tech world,
is Socratic Design for the real world.
We analyse and change our ecology of mind.

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Socratic Design©

Socratic Design is a practical philosophical method to build new strategic cultures and new narratives by a paradigm shift mindset. In  narratives  we strive, develop, enjoy, work according to our human values and human challenges. Narratives are key for any performance. But more and more people want to work in the narrative they also feel connected with. Or to put it differently: people want to be meaningful within their work environment. Companies with a strong moral horizon are the ones that will be sustainable. 

The developments in the world are exponential, nobody can forecast the next killer app, the next innovation wave, the cultural trend, or the future of the information economy.  At the same time you have your business as usual. The best thing to do, is strengthening the communication within your company, create a common basis for knowledge and deepen your relation with the clients. An agile organisation knows profoundly its competence, has a shared body of knowledge (including tacit knowledge) and is capable to be proactive in any situation. It’s fundament is a common horizon of values, that is key for personal character and the character of the company.

Become a Socratic Designer

As a Socratic Designer you are able to transform any group of individual professionals into a collective intelligence that can generate knowledge necessary for the future of your organization. The VIP training transforms a high potential like a CEO, innovator, educational designer, any form of designer or a thought leader in a Socratic Designer. A Socratic Designer is capable of moderating the proces of generating new narratives for human flourishing and development; by realizing collective wisdom through the art of dialogue.

 “The exponential growth in technology demands a strong moral identity where the company or organisation is a agile actor that has a clear ethical kompas to address any future”.

Learn to really listen; learn to watch the body language, the unspoken,
of your counterparts; get prepared to be happy without a business card or
a status; you are not your car, house, income, girl friends; you are much
more than you thought, just differently more. The company will benefit
because the employees will start feeling like individuals, not numbers.
Transparency, integrity and respect will thrive.

Mark Blaisse

boardroom consultant & writer

The Socratic Dialogue moderator training is highly valuable for anyone who want to unleash the potential of teams. The power of this three-day  workshop is the combination of ethical theory and actual practice. I got a good sense of the use and elements of dialogue and felt confident to apply it in my own setting. Moreover, many resources were proposed to deepen my knowledge and carry on to perfect this skill.

Hiske Gude

Business Owner at Character Sales