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What coding is for digital tech world, is Socratic Design for the real world. We analyse and change our ecology of mind.

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Socratic Design©

Socratic Design is a practical philosophical method to build new strategic cultures and new narratives by a paradigm shift mindset. In  narratives  we strive, develop, enjoy, work according to our human values and human challenges. Narratives are key for any performance. More and more people want to work in a narrative they feel connected with. Or to put it differently: people want to be meaningful within their work environment. Companies with a strong moral horizon are the ones that will be sustainable. 

Socratic Design @ #MWC17

Mobile World Congres touches the future of mobile and AI, with Socratic Design we see the urgent need to boost our human strength so that technology will be dominated by humans and not the other way around. With Socratic design, we make a mental space where we are...
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How Socratic Design Transforms the Company

In business, the key to transformative power is the collective intelligence of the employees. In this video, you get a glimpse into the practice of Socratic Design at work in the company. How can this philosophical approach help to get rid of addictive thoughts and...
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Socratic Design Masterclass in Rotterdam (Dutch)

A Socratic Design Master class op uitnodiging van Lokaal Rotterdam in het Nieuwe Instituut: waarom is Socratic Design – ontworpen door Humberto Schwab – een waardevol en effectief instrument om nieuwe toekomsten voor de stad groundswell te ontwerpen....
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Socratic Design in Athens

Being in Greece we reflected on Socratic Design close to its roots. Follow Socratic Design on Youtube:… In Socratic Design we can leave behind addictive thoughts and ego thinking. Smart people together will...
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Socratic Design Workshop in London

A Socratic Design Workshop @ The institution of engineering and technology A review video of a Socratic Design Workshop @ The institution of engineering and technology, London. Organised by: Shift2020 (Rudy de Waele) Schwab Filosofia (Humberto Schwab) Public Spheres...
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El Punt Avui TV welcomes Dutch philosopher

SMALL TALK El Punt Avui TV welcomes Dutch philosopher HumbertoSchwab In this tv talk show Humberto explains some key aspects of socratic design, the relation to private life, education and business. Click this link or the image to watch the...
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City Circles & Schwab Filosofia

Schwab Filosofia en Ketter & Co have become Partners in the City Circles Project of Irene Fortuyn. CITY CIRCLES is a multidisciplinary design-driven research tool providing a cross-section of urban spaces – a circle with a diameter of one kilometre. The project...
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Charla Humberto Schwab @ LeCool Festival (Podcast)

El 30 de Abril hubo el LeCool Festival en Barcelona, en este festival cultural y espiritual he hecho una charla sobre nuestro método Diseño Socrático. “el propósito de la vida” Escuchar la charla: Pensar sobre el significado de la vida, esto quiere decir que es...
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Socratic Design Workshop Cadaqués #MWC16

The Socratic Design Workshop Cadaqués #MWC16 organised by the Socratic Design Academy in collaboration with Schwab Filosofia & Shift2020. the 2-day Socratic Design workshop incl. an overview of future transformative trends by special guest and participant Gerd...
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Learning to live (on the future of learning)

As new technological innovation is eating the world, the need to improve the connection between the academic and business world becomes dramatically urgent in order to predict future jobs. Our students need to be better prepared for an increasingly fast-paced and...
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IoT Shifts Socratic Design Retreat @ Peralada

The new video of the IoT Shifts Socratic Design Retreat @ Peralada. Organized by the Socratic Design Academy in collaboration with shift2020 & Schwab Filosofia. We present the “IoT Shifts Socratic Design Retreat“ – a brand new, groundbreaking two-day custom...
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Socratic dialogue @ Club of Amsterdam

Socratic Dialogue guided by Humberto Schwab, Philosopher, Owner, Humberto Schwab Filosofia SL, Director, Club of Amsterdam The panel: Huib Wursten, Senior Partner, ITIM International / Andrei Kotov, Business Planning Manager, Projects & Technology , Shell Upstream...
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Socratic dialogue @ Picnic Festival

This post was originally posted on  To prevent a clash in the conversation, Humberto Schwab started this conversation by introducing the rules for a Socratic Conversation to all of us: no powerpoints, no referring to books, you can only have the floor when...
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Listen very carefully

This post was originally posted on xelafilms   Premiered in World Environment Centre, Washington DC – 2008. This short film is made for the presentation of the World Environment Centre Golden Medal Award to ABN AMRO in Washington DC. How can we make more possible...
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Become a Socratic Designer

As a Socratic Designer you are able to transform any group of individual professionals into a collective intelligence that can generate knowledge necessary for the future of your organization. The VIP training transforms a high potential like a CEO, innovator, educational designer, any form of designer or a thought leader in a Socratic Designer. A Socratic Designer is capable of moderating the proces of generating new narratives for human flourishing and development; by realizing collective wisdom through the art of dialogue.

 “The exponential growth in technology demands a strong moral identity where the company or organisation is a agile actor that has a clear ethical kompas to address any future”.

The developments in the world are exponential, nobody can forecast the next killer app, the next innovation wave, the cultural trend, or the future of the information economy.  At the same time you have your business as usual. The best thing to do, is strengthening the communication within your company, create a common basis for knowledge and deepen your relation with the clients. An agile organisation knows profoundly its competence, has a shared body of knowledge (including tacit knowledge) and is capable to be proactive in any situation. It’s fundament is a common horizon of values, that is key for personal character and the character of the company.

Learn to really listen; learn to watch the body language, the unspoken, of your counterparts; get prepared to be happy without a business card or a status; you are not your car, house, income, girl friends; you are much more than you thought, just differently more.
The company will benefit because the employees will start feeling like individuals, not numbers. Transparency, integrity and respect will thrive.

Mark Blaisse

boardroom consultant & writer

The Socratic Dialogue moderator training is highly valuable for anyone who wants to unleash the potential of teams. The power of this three-day  workshop is the combination of ethical theory and actual practice. I got a good sense of the use and elements of dialogue and felt confident to apply it in my own setting. Moreover, many resources were proposed to deepen my knowledge and carry on to perfect this skill.

Hiske Gude

Business Owner at Character Sales