Socratic Design Lab

The Socratic lab is a multidisciplinary lab in the Costa Brava, Spain, where we design good life practices from scratch. We incorporate art, philosophy, research, technology and pragmatic knowledge. We will deeply analyse our needs and the possible futures, by rethinking what we normally take for granted.


Socratic Design

All things and everything that surrounds us, created by humans, is designed. When something is designed, there were assumptions on which the design was based. In Socratic design we investigate these determining assumptions deeply and evaluate them. We have a lot of stubborn, false and counterproductive assumptions that are producing problems in the world. Truthful investigation can clear our minds.

Most thoughts in our mind seem to be ours; in effect they are mostly reproducing stubborn and outdated ideas from outside. Our thoughts are addictive. When we “think”, we mostly repeat old thoughts over again, but we do not notice, instead we receive endorphin rewards that tell us we are thinking. To reach the point of real creative thinking is paramount for any design process. You can reach that by disciplined dialog and strong introspection.

Socratic Dialogue

By embracing a set of intervening rules, a group of individuals can be transformed into one strong, fresh, collective mind. We learn the “art of listening” and the art of incorporating thoughts of others in our thinking. This extends our horizon of meaning. The Socratic dialogue is a form of conversation in which we generate, free from compulsory thoughts, new perspectives. We dare to go out of the comfort zone. The group as a biological entity is a strong context to generate real thinking.

Deep Dive

It is a unique experience to be immersed in a collective creative design process in which we work trans disciplinary. You will experience a strong feeling of communal thinking, which will refresh and broaden your spectrum. In a strong extended collective mind we can analyse all sorts of cultural assumptions and establish new ones in order to free space for new design creations. All focused on designing good lives. Neuroscience, IoT, nano-technology, grafeen and other innovations in technology and sciences give completely new possibilities for the design of our new world. They also challenge strongly old paradigms of thinking!

We will make out of the box future scenarios, a hint for good and steady dreams, a process in which art and science be part of our creative process from scratch.

Where & When

The training will be organized in Sant Climent Sescebes, a village where amazing wine and food is produced, strong rural traditions in the midst of Alt Emporda. The Beaches of the Costa Brava around the corner and you can walk right into the beautiful nature and mountains of the natural park the Albera. You will stay in houses in the village, of which the interior design is done by Martijn v.d Berg. Martijn is a classical craftsman that makes modern Design. The week will be a full intense lab with some outward bound moments.

We organise at least a Socratic Design Lab every half a year or more, when enough participant registered we pick a date.

Humberto Schwab, Socratic Design, Exponential Humanity

Humberto Schwab

Is Lab Director he is the founder of Socratic Design and Founder & CEO of Schwab Filosofia.
Click here to read more about Humberto Schwab


Michiel barbers, Miguel Harbers, Painter, artist,

Miguel Harbers

Will be your host during the Lab, he is creative Director @ Schwab Filosofia & Artist

For whom

For people who want to practice Socratic Design thinking and create good practices in their lives, professional practice or their business. Artists, scientists, students, entrepreneurs or just motivated engaged people can all benefit from this lab. Besides of being a part of  this experience, you will acquire some basic skills of the Socratic Design method yourself.


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