Stockholm school of economics

Socratic Design workshop


In the beautiful province town of Vallmiera in Latvia we executed a Socratic Design Lab for the Stockholm Business School of Riga. The MBA executive is a successful program of two years for experienced businessmen and women who want to renovate their skills and knowledge. It is always a motivated group and the Socratic Design Method we use to move the minds of the participants on the first day. It is all about the “art of listening” to your self (in order to change), listening to the other (in order to understand and cooperate well) and the art of listening to the needs of humans in general (to understand your services and products).

As always the movement was intense and the students moved their own mind and got advice to maintain this movement. They also produced insights in the future to change paradigms. The human values should prevail and above all physical presence is key in the future. They created elements for new ideas. You can come to a new business model by changing assumption and enforcing human values.