IoT Shift

Socratic Design on stage

During this IoT Shift conference I had the honour of being the “house philosopher”,  (and indeed we danced house music later) being allowed to comment on all the contributions. Basically this whole day was one big update of knowledge about the actual level of IoT; wonderful stuff and a lot of people showing their dreams realised, their products made or their plans ready-to-go. In all cases I could see the relevance of Socratic design, that means… to go back where we started from (old assumptions) and generate new assumptions to create new good practices, and from there products and services. Above all we need a new architecture in which we frame humans as sharing, empathic creatures that enjoys being together. Creatures who want to communicate.We talked about a range of subjects like fitness, platforms, innovation & disruption, transport, fiction, smart citizenship, business models and start ups. In all presentations there we new perspectives on old problems and in some there were complete new perspectives. In general we can reflect on ethical aspects (what is a good algorithm?), anthropological aspects (how can lead a healthy life? how can we become more social?) social political questions ( how can we enhance citizens? can we improve traffic ?).

In all presentations we see that we need to consider the following questions:

– Will it contribute to a more meaningful life?
– Can it contribute to a healthy life?
– Can it solve urgent problems ? (The Bees)
– Is the human in charge or do we prefer a comfortable AI?
– Is contextual integrity guaranteed concerning big data?
– Can we see the ethical consequences of different innovations ?
– Does it prolongate old paradigmatic assumptions, like everyman is an egoist or does it contains assumptions related to new gained insights, like the empathic human?
– Does it foster good citizenship and does it enhance democracy?