Gerrit Rietveld art academy

On stage, strategic planning and socratic dialogues


The conference consisted of small group sessions organised with the Socratic Dialogue Method. Nine teachers were trained by me in this methodology during training sessions in Spain which were held in Spain the past years. We did an up date and so they moderated their colleagues trough the delicate process of listening to each other and looking carefully at the philosophical question at stake. The different dialogues are all registered and form a source of practical knowledge for the Academy. Teachers together contain a limitless source of practical wisdom that stays mostly tacit or hidden, in this sharing activity the groups developed common creations.

The process itself already stimulates a climate of well being and creativity.

In the long run people will get accustomed to this method and will easily engage in dialogues about any delicate manner.

In the afternoon session we organised a VALUE waterfall exercise, in this mass event we develop around 5 key essentials of the Rietveld Academy , starting from individual selections. We go from one person to two persons, from two to four persons then to eight persons and finally to sixteen.

In the end we try to join the group on five values. This is an ongoing process that you should do every week or month. Anyway some strong values were the following: critical questioning and skepticism, radical trust and care, learning in the unknown(chaos and wonder), making art, exchange.