For individuals and groups

Any questions about fundamental matters in your life, your family, your study or your work, can be approached with Socratic Design. 
It can be an ethical question:  “ What is a good life?”  “What are our values?” “Is this product a good product?”  “What is the moral of our company?”
An anthropological question like: “ Are we empathic creatures?” “Are we our thoughts or are we more our hearts?” “ What is a client and what are his or her reel needs?”
A question about knowledge  “Is it true that facts are the reality?”  “Does knowledge concern our concrete experiences?”  “Is in craft also knowledge?”
A question about science:” Is it true that economy is not a science?” “Can we as a company create our own science?”
A political question “ Are woman still in an unequal position?”  “Are we free in our consumers world?”
An esthetic one:” How can we design a good house?”  “How can we design a good public space?”
We can choose the method fitted the question at stake, it can be a short intervention  or it can be a longer period of transformation. It even can be a short Skype interview. Key is that we dare to ask questions.

Using the Socratic Design tools to reflect on your life on your assumptions, meaning and values. Which ideas and thoughts (coming from culture, education, parents and so on) are limiting you and which could strengthen you? We will connect general philosophical notions with strict personal experiences. The deep dive dialogue is the core of the transformations. You will design your own philosophy and a way “how to live” it. Concrete cases will be the knowledge base,

This can be sessions in any frequency.

As a response on a concrete need of the client we work towards a frame of interpretation in order to make sense of any complex paradoxical or problematic situation. To understand any complex or contradicting situation philosophy has an ocean of approaches, you can choose to feel well again.

Please contact us about the conditions. The frequency can range from one hour to regular sessions. Also virtual (Skype) sessions are possible.

Any functional group – be it pupils,  “doctors without borders” or a team of teachers – can enjoy a strict structure to make co-creating possible. People will see each other with new eyes and strong respect: “seeing” the thoughts of any person is a sensitive experience. This of course demands the “art of listening”. By the Socratic dialogue you can transform any group into a strong bond of collaborative minds. They can start then execute any task. In group training and transformation we use all kinds of reflection tools, to enhance the intelligence of the group.

Please contact us for a specific goal or challenge for your group.

In any situation a Socratic dialogue can transform a group of people into a collaborative mind with strong shared values. Socratic dialogues have a threefold dimension, they establish a climate of optimal listening and respect, they create sensitivity for the hidden assumptions in ourselves and in our culture and they realise concrete, experience based integral knowledge.

An important effect is, that each of the participants „experience” the capacity to think and to create knowledge. While normally the expert or teacher talks, in the dialogue also the expert put forward questions and „listens”. In this way all fixed theories and assumptions can be questioned and investigated, which can lead to a way out of the comfort zones.The dialogues can be used to enhance in any group a collaborative spirit, to solve problems, to generate knowledge and above all to serve as the organizer of any common practice (organisation or institution).

These dialogues are very suited to bring us in a context that rest on strong positive assumptions like for instance the one that people are empathic and want to share. Most of us and most of our environments host negative assumptions about men and his behaviour, in the Socratic dialogue we can instantly – for a moment – leave that behind.   

You can ask for a moderator for any specific group and theme. We have a network of tens of moderators, in different places in Europe.

If you want to learn to facilitate the Socratic dialogue via moderation, we offer a 4 day training in different languages (English, Spanish, Dutch). The training is mostly held in Catalonia (Spain). Training sessions can also be organised on any location, please contact for the details. The training targets at skills and at some basic knowledge of philosophy. You will be immersed in a strong atmosphere of Socratic interactions, that can open doors also for your private life.

Please contact us if you want to join a training as an individual participant or if you want to organise a training for a group.