Socratic Dialogue Training 4 -7 May 2017

4 -7 May 2017

In this training, you learn to moderate a Socratic Dialogue, a conversation technique in which participants are able to generate collective knowledge and wisdom. The Socratic Dialogue method, as developed by Humberto Schwab is suitable for education, business and for every social-cultural organization: It is suitable for all occasions or domain.

As Socratic moderator, you create something of great value: an experience where the art of listening is realized.

When people really listen to one another and not debate, there will emerge a collective intelligence that can investigate all aspects of any burning question. It generates knowledge that is concrete science, practical philosophy.

To get rid of our inclination of just dumping our fixed opinions or of our addiction to the same thoughts over and over again, we need a disciplined method of dialogue that brings the group to the next level of cooperative thinking.

There is always a strong atmosphere of moral sense and shared values, which is a fruit of “the art of listening” process. With this communal feeling, the group can go out of the comfort zone and explore new domains, new concepts, and new paradigms.

It is evident that a moderator also is capable of investigating his or her now way of thinking. We make a start with this at the training.

We hope to welcome you in our training.
Kind regards, 
Humberto Schwab & Miguel Harbers