Socratic Design @ #MWC17

Mobile World Congres touches the future of mobile and AI, with Socratic Design we see the urgent need to boost our human strength so that technology will be dominated by humans and not the other way around.
With Socratic design, we make a mental space where we are free of addictive thoughts and can through the art of listing, create an emergent mind that generates fresh practical knowledge.

In the Public Sphere Salon at MWC17 in the house of beautiful business, we reflected on the question: “What is the value of art in the post -work era?”
Art mostly regarded as purely subjective, can be considered as the universal experience where the real basic needs (mental, physical, emotional) of human beings are questioned and satisfied.
In the “post-work era” we will act like in the “pre -work” era: humans are designed to be active, this urge to activity will continue and it will be creation. Art will be a more regular experience, and practiced as an intrinsic value and not instrumental.