Socratic Design Lab February 2017

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You’re warmly invited to the Socratic Design Lab!

The Socratic lab is a multidisciplinary lab in the Costa Brava, Spain, where we design good life practices from scratch. We incorporate art, philosophy, research, technology and pragmatic knowledge. We will deeply analyse our needs and the possible futures, by rethinking what we normally take for granted. 

Socratic design lab is an unique art and philosophy experience in which you can acquire tools to design your own future life,  your art projects and even get to learn how to make a social relevant start up enterprise. We all live in narratives, the challenge is to know which factors determined your actual narrative and which factors you chose to be decisive in your narrative today.

The lab takes place in the period between 16 and 23 February 2017, exact dates to be announced according to available flight tickets.

The western culture contains a lot of narratives which have led to disastrous practices, the new hyper technology and the neuro- and nano sciences demand new strong narratives which we still have to create. Art is the imagination of new realities, art and science are the pillars of our future reality.

In the beautiful surroundings of the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava we deep dive into disciplined Socratic dialogues in order to stop individual automatic thinking and realize collective creative thinking. The result is an emergent mind that is creative and contains wisdom. The group will do both philosophical research and artistic research. They will also deal with innovations like artificial intelligence/robotica, internet, big data, nano technology, social revolutions related to human identity, good life perspectives, etc.
The result will be an artistic proposal to the world, that contains strong philosophical assumptions and concrete practices.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Spain,
Humberto Schwab & Miguel Harbers