Le Défi Américain

America fears to lose its old narrative

The victory of Trump has been given by angry middle class people, some still waiting for revanche on the victory of Obama, fear for foreigners and some nasty white supremacy reflexes. “Make America great again”, can sounds very frightful for emigrants, latinos and so on.

How can we deal with it? The true American character is basically attacked by the overwhelming innovations, economical disruptions and technological exponential developments (and not to forget the ISIS humiliation). 

All these threats where too much for non-educated, media end social media drilled consumers. The things Trump has said was based on superstition, false belief, prejudices, fear and easy to swallow slogans.

Basically what has won: “easy to digest chunks” of addictive thoughts that satisfy the comfort zone of ignorance and fearful people. The American culture has a lot of “ignorantia” build in its history. If we look at the American narrative, we can see a lot of blind spots, hidden traumas, denials and dangerous tendencies (the KKK not in the least). 

These elections are a final attempt to keep stuff “underground”, to keep the narrative as it was in the fifties. It will not work, but the attempt to maintain it, will look awful. They will try hard, you ain´t seen nothing yet.

What America needs is a honest look in the mirror, what are the basic ingredients of our narrative, why is it not working anymore (only for 47,5%)? The USA will boost the urge for a new narrative that INCLUDES native americans, latinos, blacks, women, gays and so on. If you look at the shows, the sitcoms, the movies, the art that has not happened yet.
They need this extreme reaction to the failed Obama attempt for re-writing the narrative, they need to come to reality: this culture has too much to hide, too much comfortable chunks of addictive fast thoughts.

They need a Socratic self reflection, they will only do that from a felt necessity.

Americans see in Europe their founding father. We in Europe and especially in the Euro-Mediterranean region should accelerate our exponential humanity goal.

We should create an example for the world how we can face the challenge of the exponential technological challenge: we should continue the process of humanization. The world should design new ways of connecting and binding together, not by politics maybe but by designing a common future for the planet. We have to mobilize wisdom: Socratic Design is an attempt to make a narrative that creates societies that incorporates the enlightenment of wisdom, the fruits of human oriented technology and the enjoyment of deep learning. We should help the USA out of their ignorance by daring to create utopias. Incorporate good traditions, stop wrong assumptions and make new futures with hi tech. 

Don´t be cynical, join the exponential humanity goal for you an your children. The only answer to the disappointment is more deliberate action for the hearts and souls of humans at home: We should start the  Euro-Mediterranean design process for exponential humanity NOW.

Humberto Schwab        

#SocratiscDesign #ExponentialHumanity