Building meaningful futures, Shift 2020 and Schwab Filosofia are organising another Socratic Design Workshop in Cadaqués, the pearl of the Costa Brava.

Socratic Design is a new learning method, incubating the generation of the best human future narratives by realising collective wisdom through the art of dialogue.

The exponential technological revolution cannot be incorporated in the old narratives build on coal and steel ideas. Centrality, hierarchy, ownership, secret information and monopolies are no longer guarded in this new tech culture.

The exponential technology era challenges our human creativity in an unseen way. We can only approach this huge potential of power with next level humanity awareness.

We need to reflect profoundly on our values, on our strong and weak points and above all on our implicit and hidden dreams of a human good life; safeguarded in hundreds years of literature, philosophy, human experiences, religions and other narratives.

We can only perform this if we leave behind our old school atomic thinking, using the strength of intense socratic dialogue, using personal experiences, reaching collective intelligence to jump into new frontier of thinking: exponential humanity.

Come and join us for this unique opportunity to learn to use the Socratic Design Method in your personal life, your startup or company, get insights about the world we’re moving into rapidly, and learn how to transform and adapt your business to prepare for the perpetual technological changes ahead. In good company, in a unique atmosphere.

This program is ideal for Executives and Startup Entrepreneurs.

Check this video resume from our last Socratic Design workshop on the Man/Machine – Digital Ethics topic.

Global business leaders can transform their own business, only when knowing to transform themselves. Transforming one-self is not a strict personal matter: our ecology of the mind (including ideas, fallacies and assumptions) is in every one of us. Together in empathic interactions, we can kill destructive thoughts and create vital generative ones. Socratic design delivers this to happen and prepare better for the perpetual technological changes ahead.

Designed and led by Transformation Strategist Rudy de Waele, and Innovation Philosopher Humberto Schwab, the Socratic Design Workshop Cadaques May 2016 attendants will:

*Explore how to transform your company, brand or project’s productivity

*Use new approaches to business agility and innovation within a given framework

*Generate new ideas for your business, products and teams

*Enjoy group and individual coaching sessions